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PBDC is a volunteer run league! We rely on our dedicated volunteers to help our events run smoothly and properly. 


Whether it be help with fundraising, ticket sales, crowd control, or other various tasks, we're always looking for volunteers. Your help means the world to PBDC!

Could you provide commentary to explain and excite the crowd during a game? Can you pump the tunes for the on-track soundtrack? Do you want to plan the afterparties? Volunteers do this as well! 

Whatever you're into, YOU can help make PBDC awesome!

Recruitment Info:

For more information, email or CONTACT US.

You can also follow our other medias!

Facebook: Pile O'Bones Derby Club

Instagram: reginarollerderby

Our Core Values

Celebrate success; recognize and reward the achievements of individuals and teams in our sport.

Empower our members to take initiative and to do what's right, build self-esteem and learn teamwork.

Act with integrity and respect towards all.

Broadening Horizons: 
Learn to work with others regardless of differences in race, religion or differences in lifestyle.

Inclusion & Opportunity: 
Promote self-esteem, diversity, friendship and camaraderie through teamwork and celebrating achievements.

Reinforce positive influences and relationships and build self-esteem among skaters both on and off the track.

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